No one needs hatred.

Try to live what you love and give without regret

Don’t hate or be mean – forgive and forget

I know nobody is perfect but at least we can try

Let’s make those kids smile instead of making them cry

Be good to yourself, be good to the earth

Hunger or poverty, tell me what is worse?

Or bombs, guns and wars that are threatening us

Leaving young people dying alone in the dust


And as a young soul I can’t handle that all

I can just take a step back, try and let my fears fall

And go out in the world and see how it runs

So that maybe one day there will be no more guns

If we all would go out and see how others live

We might not only take but now and then give

Give hope to our children, our world and our minds

Give peace to all people, all races, all kinds

And make that one day we will all understand

That no one needs hatred but a loving hand



2014-01-11 schützenhaus



travelling in summer

I decided to keep the blog, do some sum-ups now and then. And let you know how I’m living, cause that’s what this blog is about. So to anyone interested: It’ll go on.

Well, what happened since I came home from Canada? I was at home for 10 days, went to Freiburg for another ten. My parents celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary and I went to France to work five weeks in Le Pin Sec, in “our” surfcamp. My fourth season,  second as a teamer. Continue reading

where there is light

From Lima I drove through Tacna to Arica, where I spent two nights in a beautiful Hostel called Sunny Days – they offered the best hostel breakfast I had so far in south america. Arica is just one hour from the peruvian boarder, right at the beach which makes it a good place for surfing.

Continue reading

back to the beach

We spent our last ten days together on the beach in a small town called San Bartolo, south of Lima. We rented an appartment and Fabi and Lisanne came over for two nights. It was great having our own kitchen and some space to call our own for a little while. Continue reading